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We have updated our Free Plan

Posted by Yin Yin Chan | June 2, 2021

In the past few months, we’ve been actively gathering feedback from our users who have converted and users who decided not to. One of the main points that stood out was that the 14 days free trial did not meet the needs of our customers.

Here are a few things that our users took into consideration before reaching the end goal of deploying their chatbot.

  1. Basic FAQs
  2. Fallback management
  3. “Humanizing” the chatbot
  4. Reiterative testing 
  5. Rich media management
  6. AI implementation

These are just some of the most common items in their checklist before launching. There are also more specialized requirements such as setting up a campaign drip flow, connecting with APIs or uploading their inventory.

14 days to do all this? That is not enough time! Especially with the testing.

Hence, we had a change of plans (pun intended). We updated the BotDistrikt Platform 14-days Free Trial Plan to a 500-messages Free Plan. With the Free Plan, chatbot users are able to send 500 messages to any chatbot for free, with no time limit. Building a chatbot sounds easy but in actual fact, a lot of consideration goes into it. You are building a robot that is to behave like a human and that is not easy.

We will also be offering free 30 minutes consultation for all new signups to help mitigate the initial challenges and give users advice on how to get started. Please book a slot in our calendar here .

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