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6 ways to use an Instagram Chatbot. Here's the cheat-sheet.

Posted by Yin Yin Chan | September 14, 2021

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Instagram Chatbots are here to stay!

BotDistrikt helps you create and launch an Instagram chatbot with one-click. Here's how it can help your customers.

Build your customer base

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in the world, surpassing 1 billion global users in 2020. According to Oberlo, Instagram can generate over 4x more interactions compared to Facebook and it helps 80% of Instagram users decide to buy a product or service. You can direct your users to sign up for your newsletter, events or even guide them to participate in your campaign.

Here is an example of how you can use promo codes to get your users to DM you.

DM a promo code to an Instagram chatbot
Let your Instagram chatbot reply to DMs

Send links to your customer directly instead of directing them to your bio or asking them to swipe up on your stories. This allows users to navigate your offerings with ease and reduce drop-off rates

Send links with an Instagram chatbot


If someone @ mentions you, you can send them a thank you message or a discount code. Your user will get acknowledge instantly.

Acknowledge Mentions instantly with an Instagram Chatbot


If a condition is to mention a brand, the bot can automatically acknowledge the submission and send a reminder of the rules to the giveaway.


Track your campaigns by tracking the number of code requests or give away entries.


You can integrate Ads with the chatbot by using the CTA of "DM us" in your ads to direct the user to chat with the bot.

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